24rd Voronezh International Chess Festival
Alekhine Memorial
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Chess960 tournament in Voronezh is a good opportunity to practice before World Fisher Random Chess Championship 2019 qualification

Chess960 tournament has been held in Voronezh since year 2012 and it has become well-known and popular among both titled players and chess amateurs. Some players like GM Andrei Deviatkin (RUS) sometimes come to Voronezh to participate in this event only.

Seven different players won the seven Voronezh Chess960 tournaments so far, they are GM Boris Savchenko (RUS), GM Igor Kovalenko (LAT), IM Mikhail Demidov (RUS), GM Dmitry Bocharov (RUS), IM Zhamsaran Tsydypov (RUS), GM Swapnil Dhopade (IND) and GM Vladimir Belous (RUS). 

This year FIDE announced the official Chess960 World Championship, and Voronezh Chess960 tournament is a good opportunity to practice before playing in its qualification stage!