23rd Voronezh International Chess Festival
Alekhine Memorial
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FIDE Open-2018 tournament information

Pairings and results

Final standings

Games (PGN)

Photos by Elena Ponomareva

6th round photos by Elena

Awarding photos

First round video by Alexander Shushenkov

Fifth round video by Alexander Shushenkov

Last round and awarding video by Alexander Shushenkov

FIDE Open-2017 tournament information

Tournament table
Online games
Games (PGN)

FIDE Open-2016 tournament information

Tournament table
Some photos by Sergey Malikov
Photos by Elena Ponomareva
Photos by Elena Ponomareva (awarding ceremony)

Video by Alexander Shushenkov (1st round)

Video by Alexander Shushenkov (awarding ceremony)